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Sustainable Development Scenario

A cleaner and more inclusive energy future

A new approach to energy and sustainable development

Based on existing and announced policies – as described in the IEA New Policies Scenario – the world is not on course to achieve the outcomes of the UN SDGs most closely related to energy: to achieve universal access to energy (SDG 7), to reduce the severe health impacts of air pollution (part of SDG 3) and to tackle climate change (SDG 13). The SDS sets out an ambitious but pragmatic vision of how the global energy sector can evolve in order to achieve these critical energy-related SDGs.
The SDS starts with the SDG outcomes and then works back to set out what would be needed to deliver these goals in the most cost-effective way. The benefits in terms of prosperity, health, environment and energy security would be substantial, but achieving these outcomes would require a profound transformation in the way we produce and consume energy. In 2018, the SDS also includes a water dimension, focusing both on the water needs of the energy sector and the energy needs of achieving SDG 6 on clean water and sanitation.

Universal access to modern energy is achieved by 2030, in line with SDG 7

A strong drive towards electrification (on-grid and off-grid) and provision of clean cooking facilities means the number of people without access to modern energy drops to zero by 2030, transforming the lives of hundreds of millions, and reducing the severe health impacts of indoor air pollution, overwhelmingly caused by smoke from cooking.

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